Jaguars are a build that have debuted in the middle of the Pleistocene. They have been playable since.


Jaguars are a powerful build from the family Felidae. they made their first debut in the mid Pleistocene, cementing their placing as one of the most powerful cat builds, with incredibly high attack and stealth stat.

Thanks to their ability, Jungle Tooth, if a Jaguar scores a critical hit, such as on a target build's neck, the damage pierces armor, making criticals unresistable.

Tier PlacementEdit

As an S tier, jaguars are virtually unchallenged by lower builds, and are top predators of their environment, because of their high attack and stealth stat, they have cemented their place in S Tier.

Summary Edit


  • Very high PWR
  • High MBL
  • Very good STL
  • Can land critical hits on armored targets
  • Able to hunt on land, underwater, and in trees
  • Apex Eyes negates the stealth bonuses of their prey


  • Average INT
  • Moderate DEF
  • Moderate HP
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